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Q. How does ModelHostess.com work?

Simply register, post information about your event and start communicating with talent directly.

Q. Do I pay talent directly or through the ModelHostess site?

For nonmembers, there is an initial security deposit to book talent that goes through our site. Other than that, you contract and pay talent directly.

Q. Can I offer an Unpaid Event?

Yes, If you have VIP Access membership. You will have a much lesser pool of interested talent. You will still have to go through booking, but will not be required to make a deposit.

Q. How much do I pay talent?

You are free to offer your rates to model, hostesses and entertainers, however if your rates are too low you may have a fewer to none responses. We encourage you to be more competitive.

Q. Can I hire talent for any event, even if I’m not the host?

A. Yes! Just provide a description of the event you’ll be attending and you’ll be able to contact our models and talent pool.

Q. Is it possible to change the event information I’ve posted?

A. Absolutely, just log in and select the post you need to edit. Click on "edit my post," and you can make any changes necessary.

Q. How much do Models charge?

A. Talent set their own rates so charges vary. In general, though, they will accept offers from $25 to $35 an hour, with a three- or four-hour minimum. Many Models are willing to negotiate on rates.

Q. Is it okay to hire model talent to pose as my date?

A. That's up to you and the model in question. Many of our Models are actresses and are willing to hone their acting skills at your event. Just keep in mind that the model IS acting.

Q. Can I hire models to go to a club with me?

A. Yes, as long as you are a VIP Access member, and it is a public place.

Q. Can I hire model to an event out of town, or other country?

A. It’s up to individual models, some models indicate if they are willing to travel, some not.

Q. What if a model showed up, late, unprepared, or looks different than I expected?

A. You are free to not to hire, or fire, such models and write a review sharing your experiences.

Q. Can I request what outfit I want models to wear?

A. Definitely Yes. You are paying for models services and are free to request outfit of your choice, as long as this is a costume or outfit she has in her possession, otherwise you would have to provide one.

Q. Where the Talent can signs up? I can not see how to navigate to that option?

A. If you are using computer "Talent SignUp" button is a bright blue on the right top corner of main navigation menu. If you are using smart phone or pad use login arrow on the top right and "Create Account" on the bottom of the registration page.

Q. What happens if we need to cancel a girl or two…or the whole event? What will the fees be per girl

A. Your initial booking fees are not refundable if you canceling models or event, as the girls may have turned down other offers. The initial deposit is the form of commitment you make when booking the talent. The only way the deposit is refunded is if the girls failed to live up to their obligations.