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1 Introduce yourself – register and Create Account

Answer a few simple questions provided in your Registration form telling us about yourself. Are you hiring as a business or individual ? What line of works you, or your business in and do you have a Facebook or LinkedIn profile you wish to share with us?

2 Describe the event - Create a new post

Simply select answers telling us who hosts the event ? Where is it taking place ?
When ? What you expect them to do and your budget for talent ? Than, send your post to selected models...

3 Choose, Book and Communicate with Models

To book models who’ve accepted your offer, pay 1st hour of models work online, as a security deposit. The rest you will pay when models arrive to work. After the deposit is paid, you can communicate with models directly about details of your event. We will refund your deposit if model fail to arrive, or you cancelled not later than 24 hours from the events start time.

VIP Membership Has its Benefit:

  • No posts are necessary to access models
  • Hire models without 1st. hour deposits
  • Invite models to non-paid events, clubs and parties. (great for promoters)
  • Exclusive Invites to Monthly VIP lounge events, (meet all models)
  • Concierge to arrange talent for your event, clubs bottle service, restaurants reservations.
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